Making invisible visible.

Execute farm-scale trials, generate high-quality data and bridge the gap

between research and grower adoption with the Laconik Analytics Engine.

Trusted by industry leaders

Making the right product decisions for your farm
is essential to guaranteeing ongoing success.

We’ve been in agriculture for nearly 25 years, watching technology revolutionise many parts of the business.

Yet there have only been incremental improvements in both crop protection and fertiliser decisions.

With your help, we’re here to change all that.

The Laconik Solution

A new simple standard for analysing, measuring and reporting on-farm trials

Laconik provides technology which enables on-farm trials to be created with ease, data collected efficiently and the analysed results reported back to you on time. We use hardware and software that integrates with modern farm machines to put a trial in a paddock which provides you with the information that matters most.

Easy to Setup

Laconik easily syncs with the major digital agriculture platforms allowing for the seamless transfer of data required to put a trial in a paddock.

Real Data, Real Results

Check for treatment responses remotely. Laconik uses satellite imagery to monitor crops how crops are responding to different treatments during the growing season.

Research Backed

No more demonstration strips through paddocks. Have the confidence to sell your product based on real research collected in replicated trials.

Working with Laconik has been an eye-opener for understanding how my farm responds in real-time in the paddock.

“I think most growers don’t want to run their own fertiliser trials as they don’t have the time to create the system to do so, which is exactly where Laconik fits in for us: they make it simple to run trials.”

Chad Davidson

Grower, Kukerin, WA

Laconik Combine® connects the dots from the confidence we have in our products, due to our extensive small plot trial program, to a grower reality.

Rick Horbury

Bayer, Head of Market Development ANZ

Laconik provides simple solutions to enable us to create trials and prescriptions and improve our yields and margins in farming. We already have the technology so we might as well be using it to it’s full potential

Kim Graham

Bonnie Rock, WA

With Laconik Combine®, we are able to work directly with growers using their equipment to put in more comparison treatments across paddocks to capture product performance over a great variety of soil types, crop biomass and weed density to build deeper confidence in the product.

Matthew Willis

Bayer, Market Development Agronomist

Laconik Combine®

Product Decisions, With Confidence

A swarm of trials are randomly placed across whole paddocks.
Start measuring spatial responses to treatments simply and easily.

Laconik Trial®

Real Data, Real Results

Replicated, grower scale trials. Great for
product demonstrations.