Rethinking The Approach

We’ve seen technology revolutionise many areas of agriculture. Yet, how we run field trials and collect data has changed little.

It is time for technology to revolutionise how we collect, analyse, and report field trials.


Introducing the Laconik Analytics Engine, our purpose-built software

that makes creating, monitoring, and analysing data from farm scale field trials simple and easy.

Who We Help

Laconik is bringing new innovation and products to market, faster, cheaper and with less risk than ever before.

For Growers

Put a trial in paddocks and start measuring return on investment from your most expensive cropping inputs.

For Agribusiness

Start collecting data on new products at the whole of paddock scale.

On-farm data, on farm results.

Dedicated to riding alongside our grower’s experience.

We’re able to generate and deliver on-farm data thanks to the deep relationships we have built with our growers over the last 25 years.


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Trusted by the very best in the business.

Bayer Global

Bayer AG is a German multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.


An Agricultural Sciences Company that advances farming through innovative and sustainable crop protection technologies.


Agriculture's preferred independent farm information management ecosystem - Agworld serves growers and service providers around the globe.

Elders Australia

Elders has been a leading agribusiness in rural Australia since 1839 with a focus on helping people find success with their agricultural business.

Nutrien Ag Solutions

We have been a part of rural Australia for 180 years. We share your passion for agriculture and we’ll always be there to help you get the most out of your farming business.


Leading agricultural company helping drive productivity through world class science, innovative crop protection and vegetable seed solutions.


Investing in research, development and extension to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers.


ADAMA is a leading global crop protection company, providing solutions to combat weeds, insects and disease, so farmers can do what they do best: feed and clothes the world

Daybreak Cropping

Our aim is to build, develop and operate a leading Australian broadacre cropping business delivering superior investment performance in a safe and sustainable manner.

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“Laconik’s purpose has always been clear –
we strive to explore new ways to feed the world through science by understanding the on-farm realities deeper than anyone else.”

Darren Hughes

CEO / Founder

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