Laconik Combine®

A simple and easy way of conducting
paddock scale research.

Laconik Combine® is an enabling technology, a ‘swarm’ of trials are randomly
placed across whole paddocks.


Plots completed with Laconik Combine®

“Laconik Combine® connects the dots”

Rick Horbury, Bayer


Profit increase measured by growers

Understand your entire paddock at once

Yield Response

Measure yield responses to trial treatments at the whole of paddock scale.

Profitability Gaps

Laconik provides a custom report showing where you are making money and losing money.

Optimum Rates

Use the results from Laconik Combine® trials to develop variable rate maps.

In-season Monitoring

Continuously monitor crop responses to trial treatments and collect data in real time.

NDVI Monitoring

By using NDVI we see how crops are responding to trial treatments.

On-farm Data insights

Use the results from Laconik Combine® trials to market your new product.

Trusted by industry leaders

Don't ignore spatial variability, embrace it.

Small plot field research has its place in product development. However, it
means products are not tested under real paddock conditions. Use Laconik
Combine® to start embracing spatial variability rather than ignoring it.

Product Highlights

We make on-farm trials simple

  • Trials spread over whole of paddock
  • Plots aligned with growers machinery
  • Set different rates for testing
  • NDVI and yield data automatically collected and analysed
  • Sync Laconik with global digital ag platforms

Custom Trials Designs

We can test any product with
custom trial designs

If you are developing a new product in agriculture and want to collect data on its performance to support its registration or marketing, contact us.


A plug & play into
your ecosystem

Every modern farm machine comes with the hardware and software to enable a Laconik Combine® trial design.

In-Season Monitoring

Real Data,
Real Results

Laconik uses satellite imagery to continually monitor crop responses to trial treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Laconik Combine® used for?

To measure spatial crop responses to cropping inputs - fertiliser, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, seeding rates, biologicals etc.

What equipment do I need to use Laconik Combine®?

Growers needs variable rate capable machinery. Every modern farm machine comes equipped to use Laconik Combine®. To put a Laconik Combine® in a field we need a paddock boundary, A:B line (GPS co-ordinates) and a grain yield map after harvest. Laconik can be synced with John Deere Operations. If not on John Deere, send us a shapefile with the info we need and we can get to setup.

When is the best time to use Laconik Combine®?

Any time during the growing season. Measure spatial responses to compound fertilisers by putting trials out at seeding or conduct in-season N and fungicide trials.

What crops can Laconik Combine® be used with?

Broadacre crops - wheat, barley, canola, peas, beans, corn, soybeans plus many more.

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