Laconik is offering a chance for 40 grain growers to be the first to use Laconik Combine in 2021.

Register your interest if you:

  1. Are interested in new technology
  2. Are interested in how much profit you are making from fertiliser use
  3. Are interested in how to increase this profit
  4. Have the tools and inclination to apply variable rate fertiliser and map harvest yields


  • – Embedded trials map
  • – Profit gap map
  • – Optimum rate map
  • – Variable fertiliser rate map


  • – Continually improving year on year
  • – Targets maximum return on fertiliser, less over fertilising, less under fertilising, more optimum fertilising
  • – Growers own data utilised
  • – Seamless integration into your farming operations
  • – Grounded in science
  • – Uses readily available variable rate technology and yield map
  • – Fertiliser decisions by profit measuring rather than predicting rates
  • – An agricultural tool that finally realises the potential of precision agriculture


  1. Laconik will contact you to discuss your registration further
  2. If your registration is successful, apply fertiliser on at least 1,000 ha of crop in 2021
  3. In-paddock trials designed, located and embedded into each paddock and into variable rate prescription files for seamless fertiliser application
  4. Manage and harvest crop as normal
  5. Profit gap map generated for all ha’s in Combine
  6. Variable rate prescriptions for 2022 based on optimum 2021 rates
  7. Cost for 2021 of $2.70/ha

Opportunities to continue refining fertiliser prescriptions in 2022 and beyond

If you want to use new technologies, and the variable rate and yield mapping capabilities you already possess to see your current return of investment, and then use that information to increase your returns, this is for you.

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